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Calculate your price of switching from e-conomic to Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Microssoft Business Central

Switch from e-conomic to Business Central

As your business grows, so do the demands for your financial system. What suited your business just a few years ago does not meet your needs anymore.

With Microsoft Business Central, you get a financial system where both you and your business can grow. A future-proof platform that can be integrated with a multitude of different systems.

More costumers want to switch to Business Central.

E-conomic has phased out their inventory module

In late 2023, e-conomic phased out their inventory module and introduced an alternative module called Rackbeat. Unfortunately, we have heard that the solution has not been functioning optimally. As a result, we are receiving an increasing number of inquiries from new customers looking to switch to Business Central, which already boasts a robust and integrated warehouse module within the application. Contact us to learn more.

Switching from one system to another can often be associated with a extensive workload and costs.


Fixed-price conversion – from DKK 24,995

BusinessGo is a service from wisepeople.it, where you can choose the elements, you want to include, in your conversion and receive a fixed price on the project.

Thereby, you will know the price of your conversion in a matter of minutes.

e-conomics ERP system
Business Central
With our conversion engine, you get both your master data and history in Business Central

Advantages of using our conversion engine

As part of the conversion process, we always perform a trial conversion. This ensures that you can check that everything is running smoothly before going live on Business Central.

While testing the trial conversion, you have an excellent opportunity to familiarize yourself with Business Central using your own data. You can also explore the functionality of Business Central that may be of interest to you, as you have both historical data and, for example, the ability to easily print invoices from your new Business Central system.

We carry out the final conversion over a weekend, so you can quickly get up and running on your new system.

After the conversion, you no longer need access to your old e-conomic system. In Business Central you have access to your historical records, can reprint old invoices, or search through previous incoming documents in your new Business Central system. It couldn’t be easier, and you save money and hassle.

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A selection of our e-conomic to Business Central costumers

Fixed-price conversion – from DKK 24,995

Business central Konvertering

In our standard conversion, we will safely transfer your data from e-conomic to Dynamics 365 Business Central. As part of the conversion, we also fill in the basic configuration data based on a best practice approach.

Business central Funktionalitet

We have a number of options that you can include in your conversion. For example, you can choose to transfer your scanned documents, customize your layouts, or have extra support for the first three months. It is entirely up to you and your needs.

Business central licenspriser

Choose the license that fits your particular business. Microsoft has different license types (subscriptions), that can be customized to the individual functions of your business.


Standard conversion - 24,995 DKK

Our standard conversion ensures, that all your current accounting data will be transferred from e-conomic to Microsoft Business Central.
The price is per. financial account in e-conomic.

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Fiscal years in e-conomic

The standard conversion includes transactions for the current year plus 2 years back. However, with maximum 200.000 transactions in total, see below. Additional fiscal years cost DKK 1,500 per year. Select how many financial years you have data for in the menu to the right.

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Number of transactions

Our time spent on a conversion from e-conomic to Business Central heavily depends on, how many transactions you have. 200,000 transactions are included in a standard conversion. If you have more than 200,000 transactions, we differentiate our price. Select how many transactions you have in e-conomic in the menu on the right. For more than 800,000 transactions, you will receive a personal offer.

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Additional services

In addition to the standard integration, you also have the option to choose additional services.

Conversion of existing layout

Business Central comes with some default layouts that you can choose to use. We offer to create a layout for you similar to the one you know from e-conomic. You have the option to buy ready-made "e-conomic" layouts for invoices, offers, order confirmations, credit notes, and delivery notes. Choose the amount you want in the menu.

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Conversion of purchase documents

Would you like to have your scanned purchase receipts transferred to Business Central and linked to the individual financial entries? The latest 3 years cost DKK 4,000. If you want documents from previous financial years included, the price increases by an additional DKK 1,500 per year.

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Conversion of sales invoices incl. lines

Do you wish to bring your sales invoices including sales invoice lines with you into Business Central? The first 3 years cost DKK 3,000. Thereafter, the price is increased by DKK 1,000 per year for extra years. If you wish to convert your sales invoices, you must choose your complete range of years, for which you have data.

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Costumer-specific setup

Even though you have converted your data from e-conomic to Business Central, Business Central still needs to be set up specifically for you before it can be used. Do you wish for us to carry out the customised setup of Business Central?

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Total conversion price

The price covers the conversion of your current data from e-conomic as well as any chosen additional services.

0.00 kr.

excl. VAT

Business Central userlicenses

Here you will choose the license.

Essential or Premium Business Central users

Do you need an extended license?

Number of users

How many named users will you have on your new Business Central?

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Monthly license prices

Please note: Licenses are invoiced a year in advance. This means that you are committed annually. It is possible to be committed monthly instead, but Microsoft will add 25% to the price. Virtually all of our customers choose to commit annually.

0.00 kr.

excl. VAT pr. month

Contact us to hear more

Fill out your contact information and we will contact you for a 100% non-binding chat about your conversion options

Terms of the BusinessGo conversion

You are responsible for extracting data from e-conomic and uploading it to our portal. The extraction is simple and is done through the standard export functionality in e-conomic

The BusinessGo conversion from e-conomic to Business Central moves data 1:1. You are responsible for ensuring that the data moved during the BusinessGo conversion is valid.

BusinessGo/wisepeople.it cannot be held responsible for errors in the data or if the data basis does not allow certain reports to be generated in Business Central.

The above prices cover only the pure conversion from e-conomic to Business Central. All other time consumed (planning, support, training, needs analysis, project management, meetings, user setup, help with setting up new functionality, customisations, etc.) is charged on an hourly basis at the applicable hourly rate.

The offer for conversion is only valid if you purchase your Business Central license from BusinessGo/wisepeople.it