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Add-ons for your Microsoft Business Central solution to make your job easier.
Business Central

Apps for Business Central

With Microsoft Apps, you can optimize your Business Central solution to fit your needs and desires.

At wisepeople.it we focus on developing solutions that make your everyday life easier. That is why we are constantly developing apps for Microsoft Business Central.

BusinessGo OIOUBL Plus

Send your sales invoices and sales credit memos directly from Business Central to Sproom with OIOUBL Plus: 

  • OIOUBL is sent directly to Sproom in order to avoid saving files locally and using the installed Sproom Connector 

The app is also designed to include the FIK code as well as any notes when sending to Sproom. 

Business Central
Business Central

BusinessGO Reports Plus

With BusinessGo Reports Plus for Business Central you not only get exclusively designed customer documents consisting off: 

Sales invoices
Sales credit memos
Proforma invoices
Delivery notes
Order confirmations

You also get a tool, where you can easily change all prompt texts in the main frame, in multiple languages naturally, without having to change the report itself. 

BusinessGo Display Names

This app adds account names to the following lists in Business Central:

  • Financial account name for the financial posting list
  • Debtor Name for the Debtor Posting List
  • Creditors name for the creditor posting list

Displaying the names can be easily turned off or on through an easily accessible setup image.

Business Central
Business Central

BusinessGo Shipmondo Connector

With Shipmondo Connector, you can create shipments to different forwarding agents through Shipmondo directly from sales orders in Business Central. 

Upon installation of the BusinessGo Shipmondo Connector, the connection to Shipmondo is initiated in an easily accessible setup screen. From here you can also test the connection directly. Once the connection is set up, the exchange of data with Shipmondo happens without any additional unnecessary user prompts.

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