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Security in Business Central

With Business Central as a cloud-solution your data is protected

Security features in Business Central

Microsoft offers high security and data protection to ensure that your data is protected against unauthorized access or loss in Business Central.

Role-based access control

Business Central allows you to define each user’s role and assign access rights based on the individual user’s responsibilities. This allows you to restrict access to different modules, functions, and data in the system reducing the risk of internal threats and accidental data loss.

High-security standards

Microsoft is a recognized global leader in technology, and Business Central is part of their Dynamics 365 family that follows the highest security standards. By choosing Business Central, you get the benefits of Microsoft’s extensive security infrastructure and their ongoing initiatives to protect customers’ data. 

Regular security updates

Microsoft regularly releases security updates and patches for Business Central to close security holes and protect against known vulnerabilities. By keeping your system up to date, you can benefit from the latest security improvements and minimize the risk of attacks.

Monitoring and reporting

Business Central has built-in monitoring and reporting features that allow you to track user activity, identify potential security threats, and generate security-related reports. This gives you better control and the ability to proactively address any security issues.

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