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BusinessGo Time Tracker

Do you need a quick and easy way to track time spent on projects? With BusinessGo Time Tracker, your employees can easily register hours directly on their mobile phones without having to log in to Business Central.

The Time Tracker app is downloaded to your employees’ mobile phones, where they via an easy-to-navigate layout can record their hours on cases and case tasks with associated comments. The app will automatically suggest the most frequently used cases and tasks for easy registration. After entry, the hours are directly transferred to the administrator’s approval draft in Business Central. After approval, the hours are booked as consumption items on the respective cases and are ready for invoicing.

In the app, users can get an overview of their weekly and monthly registrations. They can quickly see how much time has been spent on different cases and projects and identify any over- or underspending of hours. Time Tracker motivates your employees to record hours immediately. By recording their hours on an ongoing basis, they avoid forgetting hours and underestimating the actual time spent.

Please note that you need at least one active Business Central license to track hours with the Time Tracker app.

Benefits of BusinessGo’s Time Tracker

  • Quick and easy registration of hours directly on your phone
  • Overview of weekly and monthly case registrations
  • Motivate your employees to register their hours immediately
  • Employees do not have to log in to Business Central to register hours

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