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iGlobe | From e-conomic to Business Central in a few days 

iGlobe migrates from e-conomic to Business Central in a few days, achieving the dream of a solution as one coherent platform

The independent Microsoft partner network IAMCP showed its best side. Through a close collaboration between two IAMCP members, it took just a few days for wisepeople.it to migrate iGlobe, from e-conomic to Business Central (BC) with the service BusinessGo. Now, iGlobe is on Microsoft’s new financial system, and the management of iGlobe can easily and quickly report to the board, with constantly updated and relevant data, using Power BI, and without having to lift a finger.

Most business leaders know the challenge of having to provide and update their board on key company figures and their current status. Typically at times when there is little time. This was also the case for Alon Ekelund of iGlobe, a Microsoft Cloud Partner (Office 365) whose apps have won three MS App Awards and are downloaded and used worldwide.

The desire was therefore to migrate from e-conomic to Business Central. This is a task that can seem daunting and complex for many businesses, and Alon was only confirmed of his worries when he researched the market for advice on migrating to BC.

However, it turned out that wisepeople.it, with their expertise and knowledge of Business Central, would be the answer to iGlobe’s challenges. wisepeople.it specialises in Business Central and NAV, and operates mainly in Denmark. They have previously been focused on on-premise solutions, but are now betting 100% on Business Central in the cloud and on developing apps for Business Central.

 Is there an easy way to migrate to Business Central?

In a nutshell, iGlobe faced the following challenge; They had a financial system that made reporting to the board difficult and time-consuming, and where there was no easy way to create a standardised format that could be used by everyone on the board.

In addition, it often seemed inconvenient to have to provide data on the current status of the company to the various board members at random times. Furthermore, it was cumbersome to share with recipients unless Alon spent a lot of time exporting and presenting the figures in Excel sheets or PowerPoint. Alon Ekelund knew that a Business Central solution, with integration to all of their systems, and reporting that met the board’s need for an up-to-date view, could be achieved with MS Power BI.

But for Alon, and for so many other business owners, migrating from one system to another seemed very daunting. Therefore, Alon sought advice from a number of players in the market, only to be confirmed in the difficulty and complexity. At the same time, it was difficult to get an overall view of the scope and cost of the migration.

Plug and Play with BusinessGo

Converting to Business Central seemed daunting, even though iGlobe could see the benefits. The reason the decision was finally made and put into action was because iGlobe, through the IAMCP network, sought advice from wisepeople.it, who have made it their mission to migrate customers, simply and quickly, to Business Central. The key and secret ingredient is a migration tool developed by wisepeople.it, which means that iGlobe only had to provide readout files from e-conomics, and the data conversion to Business Central could then be completed in a single day. 

In addition to this, all communication and project management between the two parties could operate virtually via Teams and using Planner, which made it easy and manageable to complete the entire process from initial dialogue to migration and follow-up, in a time of Covid-19 and requirements for distance and isolation. “Teams is an important part of the migration process with BusinessGo. It gives the customer a full overview of what data needs to be delivered and allows them to monitor the progress on a daily basis.” says Gorm Erich Jensen, from wisepeople.it.

The specific solution that wisepeople.it offers is a service they have developed called BusinessGo, which can help customers migrate to Business Central. Via the website businessgo.dk, or with an initial dialogue directly with wisepeople.it, one can quickly crystallise the migration into some individual needs and get a concrete price for the whole migration right away. It is easy, transparent, and as a customer you feel that you are in safe hands, as it is clear that everything has been thought of.

The starting point in BusinessGo is a standard conversion, to which the customer can then add specific modules. This can, for example, be specific invoice layouts, conversion of purchase slips, sales invoices including lines, help with start-up, etc. When the modules have been added you get one total price where everything is included and specified. All file sharing, support, updates, etc. run through Teams, which means the customer can keep up with progress on a daily basis and without the restrictions of Covid. The actual data conversion to Business Central takes just one day once wisepeople.it has received the data.

Migration in a few days and full integration.

Alon Ekelund from iGlobe is now a very relieved man. He is on Microsoft’s new financial system, is saving a lot of time, and no longer has to think about when he next has to prepare a report for the board. He has been completely spared this, as the conversion to BC and his customised reporting set up in Power BI, can now be accessed by all board members – whenever it suits them. Reporting is done in real-time with only an hour’s delay. So today, iGlobe’s management can spend their time selling solutions and doing value-adding activities rather than reporting.

In the bigger picture, the biggest hurdle – migrating to BC – is over with the expert and highly specialised advice and assistance of wisepeople.it. The process has run flawlessly and iGlobe have felt well helped throughout. Furthermore, iGlobe has achieved better integration with their CRM system and can easily create a customer from Business Central, view invoices, etc. All around, iGlobe has achieved full integration with Office 365, and no longer feel that they are isolated on an island, but that the whole solution appears, as a cohesive platform. Therefore, Alon can highly recommend BusinessGo and wisepeople.it.

Alon Ekelund, iGlobe: “We migrated to Business Central in a few days, achieved full integration and the whole solution now appears as one coherent platform”

Alon, CEO, iGlobe
Alon Ekelund
CEO, iGlobe

Dansk Eksport Emballage | From e-conomic to Business Central over a weekend 

Production management in Dansk Eksport Emballage’s financial system was achieved with a conversion to Business Central

Dansk Eksport Emballage is both a manufacturer and a subcontractor of wooden transport packaging to many large and small industrial companies in Denmark. Dansk Eksport Emballage is a growing company, and in 2022 they received, for the 3rd time in a row, a Gazelle from Børsen. For their financial management, they originally used an old e-conomic financial system.

As their requirements for their financial solution grew, they increasingly found that e-conomic could not meet their needs in terms of functionality. In 2021, they started looking for other systems. The choice fell upon Microsoft 365 Business Central, which functionally met the vast majority of Dansk Eksport Emballage’s needs, including production management, advanced inventory management, and the ability to automate a number of processes. Wisepeople.it was chosen to carry out the conversion, as we could offer a total conversion package including trial conversion at a fixed price with our BusinessGo conversion engine. The final conversion, in which all data from e-conomic was transferred to Business Central, was completed in January 2022, and Dansk Eksport Emballage has since been using Business Central with great satisfaction.

Quick and pain-free conversion

As part of the conversion package, Dansk Eksport Emballage received a trial conversion before the final conversion. “The trial conversion worked really well. We were allowed to review Business Central with our own data and reported any shortcomings. This meant that when the final conversion was completed, it was virtually error-free.” After reviewing the sample conversion, the final conversion was completed. “I was surprised at how pain-free the process was. I had heard from other companies that a conversion to a new financial system usually came with a lot of hassle, but wisepeople.it was thorough and quickly got us converted to Business Central with no problems. We shut down on Friday and were up and running on Business Central by Monday evening.”

“The support from wisepeople.it has been and still is very good. I would definitely recommend wisepeople.it to other businesses looking to convert their old financial system to Business Central.”

Hardy Vølund
CEO, Dansk Eksport Emballage

Luksusbaby | From e-conomic to Business Central 

A growing business with growing demands for a financial system

Luksusbaby sells quality clothing for children and tweens between the age of 0 and 16 through both physical stores and their webshop, luksusbaby.dk. With 150 employees and ever-growing requirements for their financial system, Luksusbaby wanted to switch from e-conomic to Business Central. Therefore, they contacted us to hear more about our BusinessGo conversion engine. After a short discussion, we were able to give Luksusbaby a fixed price for their conversion, where all history including purchase documents was included. Luksusbaby accepted the offer, and we performed a trial conversion as the first step in the process. Once Luksusbaby had approved the trial conversion, we carried out the final conversion in early May 2023. In connection with the conversion, we also implemented Document Capture and Payment Management from Continia.

The most entries we have ever had

Luksusbaby is by far the conversion task with the most entries, we have ever completed. As many as 6 times the amount our largest customer thus far has had. It caused some challenges to lift the very large amount of data, and we had to optimize our conversion engine to be able to complete the conversion over a weekend as promised. But the hard work has paid off, and our engine can now handle very large e-conomic customers.

CIO Thue Stensgaard has been the project manager for Luksusbaby and has driven the Business Central process at Luksusbaby.

“We have had all our historical data converted to Business Central, which is fantastic. Here only a month after the conversion, things have calmed down and our employees, who use Business Central, are already comfortable with the system. We will of course continue to optimize our use of Business Central and look forward to a continued strong collaboration with the BusinessGo team”

Thue Stensgaard
CIO, Luksusbaby

Wiba Tech | NAV to Business Central

Wiba Tech wished to increase its flexibility and level of security. The solution was Business Central in the Cloud.  

For more than 40 years, Wiba Tech has been one of the market’s leading suppliers of production equipment to the Danish plastics industry. As the Danish distributor of Wittmann Technology and Wittmann Battenfeld, Wiba Tech is a total supplier to the plastics industry with injection moulding machines, robots, peripheral equipment, and much more.

As a financial system, Wiba Tech has used NAV 2016 for several years with a number of special customisations. NAV has worked well and has been a satisfactory solution but after Microsoft introduced Business Central as NAV’s successor, the possibilities and flexibility of Business Central have tempted Wiba Tech more and more. In the summer of 2021, Wiba Tech, therefore, decided to convert from NAV to Business Central, where both data and customisations had to be converted too.

Trial conversion 

As a supplier wisepeople.it was chosen. We already acted as Wiba Tech’s NAV supplier, had plenty of conversion experience, and could offer a fixed conversion price.

The actual conversion process started in the fall of 2021. As part of the conversion process, Wiba Tech received a trial conversion with their data and customisations. The trial conversion gave them time to explore Business Central’s user interface and prepared them for the final conversion. “Although Business Central is very similar to NAV, it was nice to receive the demo in time so we could test and get used to the system with our own data before the final conversion.”

Flexibility and security

Wiba Tech chose Business Central, as a Cloud solution, because in addition to flexibility, they also wanted higher server security. “It has been important for us that Business Central is in the cloud, as it has increased our flexibility. We have easy access from anywhere and any device, and our employees are able to have a more flexible workday.”

The final conversion took place, as planned, in January 2022, and Wiba Tech has been happy with Business Central as their financial system ever since. “We found the conversion process fluid and manageable. Wisepeople were well prepared and moved all our data and customisations to Business Central without a hitch. The only minor challenges, we have had, have been small errors in Business Central. But fortunately, there are continuous updates from Microsoft, so Business Central is getting better and better.”

“I can definitely recommend wisepeople.it to other companies looking to convert their financial system to Business Central. The people behind wisepeople are very likeable and not least skilled at what they do.” 


Jesper Skaarup

CEO, Wiba Tech

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